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After so many year in business we know that it’s hard to keep your home clean. No matter how much you mop and scrub your tiles, you can struggle to keep the grout lines between the tiles looking clean. Grout is made of a porous material which makes it easy for dirt and grime to collect under the surface. So if you don’t own professional cleaning machines there is no way to keep your ground clean as in the beginning. If you want your guests or clients to enjoy in clean and bacteria free environment, use our tile cleaning services.

Woman over clean tileKids, animal, dirty shoes, we know there is many reasons that make your floor look dirty and unsupported. That’s why you need professional tile cleaning service. With right preparations and equipment you ground will shine again. We use hot water, secret formula and a vacuum machine to receive the wanted results.

If you want shiny tile, call us (909) 884-4670

We do considerations to all your requirements like allergies, pets and carefully choose our products and facilities. Our experienced staff is specially trained and educated about the spot chemistry, so no stain stand a chance against them. You can rest assure that your properties will be impeccably maintained by real professionals. At California Carpet Care we can take care of every tile, carpet, flooring or upholstery problem you may encounter. Don’t delay any longer, but call us right now and get astounded by our excellent customer service. You won’t regret it!