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Do you want to save the furniture that has been part of your family for generations? Are you in need of an experienced help in cleaning your furniture and upholstery? Trust the professional furniture and upholstery cleaning services at California Carpet Care to take care of your furniture and transform them into beautiful works of art. Our experienced professionals will come to your home and provide you the best furniture or window washing. We offer fair and competitive pricing on upholstery repairs for your home or office. Make your furniture shine like new one with California Carpet Care.

We’re Waiting For Your Call (909) 884-4670

Our fair price will provide you excellent service which will save you money because we are highly experienced at furniture and upholstery cleaning. For our upholstery cleaning method we use only special chemicals and products. Regarding our upholstery cleaning system, we prefer to usе one of the two known methods – steam clean and dry clean. Of course we always comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations, although most of them choose steam clean as their preferred one. We use dry clean process only in cases of delicate fibers. Regardless which method we utilize, you’ll be able to use your upholstery in the same day and there won’t be drying time which prolongs for days. Our experienced technicians will take care of almost every issue which you may encounter:


  • Wine stainsClear and flowered furniture
  • Coffee stains
  • Mould
  • Oils and Grease
  • Common Soils
  • Ink
  • Common Soils
  • Furballs