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Our detailed Carpet Cleaning Service in San Bernardino is successful because of our unmatched skill and vast experience in the field of professional carpet cleaning. This is the reason why we are the leading expert carpet cleaners in San Bernardino and the surrounding area. Our reputation is built on the quality services, low pricing and deep commitment to our customers satisfaction. For more information, contact us

California Carpet Care
695 S Sutter Ave
San Bernardino, CA 92410-2163
(909) 884-4670

Tile cleaning

I have darker spot on my floor but after professional help from California Carpet Care my tile look like new one.Best service !!!

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Vacuum cleaner in actionFor optimal cleaning result, we are using modern technology and friendly carpet cleaning methods. Our highly professional specialists are willing to give their best to surpass your expectations. We offer a full spectrum of carpet cleaning services which include: dry carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, deep carpet cleaning and hot water extraction. You can be sure that our performance will be the best! We offer and many other services as window cleaning service, tile washing and upholstery cleaning. Make sure to check out all services that we offer. Read more about us.

We provide the widest range of cleaning services available to our loyal clients in San Bernardino. If you check our other services, you will realize why we are the main choice in the business sector of carpet cleaning and home support services. With a rich range of cleaning services, include floor washing we are the better choice for your home. Let our team to came and help you to feel the cleaner site of your home. Give us a call and we do our best for your carpet, floor, furniture and window cleaning service. Let your home shine again !